Dry Goods

Dry goods are a must in any respectable chefs pantry. Our large selection of dry goods and staple foods includes quality products like condiments, vegetable, fish or meat based stock, confectionary, cereals and a comprehensive range of non-chilled items. We work on a global level with renown suppliers as well as on a local level with suppliers in your area.

Cold cuts

cold cuts

We have gathered the best products from local terroirs and some more classic selections to answer all your needs.

Dairy, eggs & cheese

dairy, eggs & cheese

From whole milk, butter to cheeses and eggs, we ensure a fair supply chain for all our suppliers.

Fish, shellfish fresh & preserved

fish, shellfish fresh & preserved

We control that our suppliers follow fishing best practices such as banning endangered fish species and favor sustainable fisheries.

Fruits & vegetables

fruits & vegetables

Our suppliers bring local and seasonal produce to your door for your guests to enjoy the freshest meals.

Meat, poultry & Game

meat, poultry & game

According to our planet 21 engagements, suppliers have to raise the animals in healthy & humane environments & pay attention to the chain of supply.

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