Our Customer range

over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with all hospitality segments & industries.

From gastronomy to simple dining, event planning or coworking places. From the budget friendly F1 to the urban vibes of Mama shelter with its home cooked meals, the enriching art displays of the Mgallery or the sophisticated elegance of SO/ but also chateauform’s concept dedicated to meetings, seminars and trainings. We can advise you to create unique experiences tailored for all budgets because of our wide client portfolio.
We dare to take on new challenges as they present themselves because we know that they bring out the best for your business. From the most economical to the most luxurious we help you to surprise your guest.

Discover our industries

From hospitality, hotels, restaurants, nursing home, to entertainement & offices, we cover a large range of business types.


Entertainment - Mama Shelter Lyon - Accor


Co-working - Offices - Accor Ibis styles bayonne


Our segments served


Luxury - Accor - Astore - Fairmont Maldives - Sirru Fen Fushi - Gaakoshinbi

For us, luxury is, above all, a question of experiences. Our service is as discreet as it is impeccable and always has an eye on the details. It opens the doors to worlds in which refinement meets the magic of enchanting destinations. Luxury brands and hotels we served are an invitation to discover their prestigious heritage, while experiencing the best of local culture. 


Premium - Accor - Astore - Novotel Singapore On Stevens - Singapour

With an impressive array of destinations and inspiring hotel collections around the globe, our clients have more thant one story to tell. From stylish urban locations to sanctuary resorts, from working hard to enjoying relaxing experiences, there is always a good reason to be a cherished guest with one of Premium brands. 


Midscale - Mercure Trouville France - Accor - Astore

Spaces for living, inspired by places and people. Spaces that are resolutely about showcasing lifestyles. Midscale brands offer as many experiences as there are desires. Whether travelling alone, as a couple or a family, or for business, there is always a midscale brand ready to meet all your needs. 



Comfort is priceless, and with Economic hotels' offer, it doesn't cost the earth. Our range of brands served, inclunding the recently launched and innovative JO&JOE, has a solution for everyone: hotels where all ages, needs or budgets can find excactly what they want, always for the best price. 


Lifestyle - Mama Shelter Paris Bagnolet - Accor - Astore

Thanks to our diverse range of hotels, restaurants and bars, nightlife experiences, we have everything for your guests ever need to play, night & day.



New ways of working appears. With Wojo & Mama works, we are bringing our expertise & experience in hospitality and business solutions to modern coworking spaces. We are also able to provide you the best support for all your meeting and events places.