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6 families covering 100% of hospitality needs.

All products & services you need to adress daily operational needs or one shot construction or renovation projects.

Astore Our families

Discover our wide range of food and beverage products. We are partners of the biggest brands and local craftsmen to allow you to obtain quality products.
Find all the maintenance products and amenities you need through our international or local suppliers to welcome your customers in the best conditions.
From furniture to technical equipment, we support you in all your renovation projects, development or small daily work.


Access our categories of IT products & services and latest technology innovations to bring a fluid and "enhanced" experience to your customers.
From gas to water, we help you manage your energy consumption to save costs and adopt a sustainable approach.
We cover all works & maintenance aspects to accompany you on each type of projects, from construction to renovations.

Discover our offers To answer your needs

Optimize Your areas

We provide you with innovative concepts & designs following trends and new behaviors to improve your guest's experience in your different areas.


From construction to renovation we provide you with several solutions to answer your needs ; from engeneering to the opening.


For all your general services, rooms or restaurant, whatever the renovation project, we have a solution for your refurbishment.

Enhance Your guest’s experience

Thanks to our client network and our ongoing monitoring of the market, we are able to propose you new type of product & service to make your guest experience memorable and unique.


Breakfast, cocktails, seminars, regarding the consumption moment we have a category to answer your need.
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Make your guest's dreams come true and enhance their experience. We source constantly trendy and cutting edge products & services.