We cover all works & maintenance aspects to accompany you on each type of projects, from construction to renovations.


Multi technical maintenance

multi technical maintenance

The upkeep of your business’ heating, plumbing or electrical installation requires professionals who’ll understand your business’ needs.

Maintenance supplies

maintenance supplies

Your business requires good maintenance service that is why our suppliers carry everything you need on a regular basis and more specific supplies.

Lifts, escalators & automatic doors maintenance

lifts, escalators, automatic doors

Our suppliers are extremely proactive when it comes to assistance, repairs or extrication. We make sure our suppliers respect high security standards.

Water treatment

water treatment

Water quality in your facilities is essential for your customers and employees. Our team can recommend you a professional water treatment service.

Kitchen laundry maintenance
Kitchen & Laundry maintenance

kitchen & laundry maintenance

Kitchen and laundry equipments need specific maintenance to avoid any incident. Find out what maintenance contract is suited for your business!

HVAC Maintenance

havc maintenance

Our suppliers provide fast and efficient maintenance services for all air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.

construction & refurbishment

Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC)

testing, inspection & certification (tic)

Technical control is a mandatory step for hospitality business. Our team helps you with mandatory controls and insure your installation is certified.

Windows & doors

windows and doors

For all windows and doors, our team evaluate your project and guide you through suppliers’ offers to make sure all your needs are covered.

Lifts, escalators & automatic doors

lifts, escalators, automatic doors

Because we know how busy hospitality businesses can be, our hospitality dedicated lifts, escalator and automatic doors are adapted to high traffic.

Caftsmen & Tradesmen

caftsman & tradesmen

To turn your space into an outstanding hospitality business, you’ll need skilled contractors and tradesmen who’ll guide you through every step.

Fire protection

fire protection

Because fire protection is important, we help you find companies which will train you staff and send professionals on site for functional testing.

General contractors

general contractors

At Astore, we have ties with general contractors who understand hospitality businesses’ in all their spectrum, from the bottom up.



Depending on the kind of works you are planning our teams can put you in touch with an engineering office who’ll respond to your specific needs.



Pre-fabricated or composite bathrooms and shower cabins offer the advantage of robustness and longevity.

HVAC Equipment

hvac equipment

Being hot or cold is not something you want your guests to struggle with. We help you find air conditioning, ventilation and heating professionals.